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May 06, 2018

Relive 'TdR Day 1: Houston to Beaumont'

We kicked off the TdR today. The ride went quite well, with fresh legs for the first day. The Tour does it up, starting with a Police escort out of Houston. Pretty soon the group of 50 breaks up in to smaller and smaller groups of riders sticking together. I started at the tail end of the "fast" group, and ended up leading in a group of 4 making up the second group to finish. The Tour has several rest stops and a lunch stop along the way, so we don't need to worry about running out of food or water. They also do a good job of handing out laminated route cards, digital files to download to our phone, and markers along the way. Today we averaged over 19 mph, which is quite a bit faster than I can manage on my own. Having such a large group to spread the work of breaking the wind so the others behind can rest a bit in the draft helps a lot there. We got into the hotel by 2PM, so I've got time to hang out by the pool and rest up my legs for tomorrow!
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