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May 09, 2018

Relive 'TdR Day 4: Lafayette to Morgan City'

Our highlight for the day was stopping at Avery Island, the home of Tabasco Sauce. I'm not a big fan of the original, but they make many other flavors which are quite good. Even though it's not on the coast, it is somehow surround by water, so if you take a bridge to get there, I guess it's an island. And it's not a hill, but a "salt dome". Either way, it's a beautiful place.
The riding is starting to hurt a bit. Just about everywhere except for my legs. Some bumpy roads and headwind didn't help either. I've found a good group that goes a comfortable speed for me. They call themselves the "Goats", and they all have a toy goat stuck to the top of their helmets.

This year the tour has raised over $150,000 to help the Arc chapters around the Gulf Coast. The Arc provides support to adults with intellectual disabilities, and their families. This mission is especially important since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, and the Arc has been leading the charge in helping many families rebuild homes and restore their lives, so thank you to all who helped me in supporting their work.
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