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permalinkTour du Rouge Day 3: Sulpher to Lafayette
May 08, 2018

Relive 'TdR Day 3: Sulpher to Lafayette'

The third day of the TdR is the longest day at just over 100 miles. Another flat and fast day. My stomach wasn't 100% happy with all the beer and Gatorade from yesterday, so I stayed back with what I think was the 3rd group on the road. Still quite a fast day through Louisiana, with lots of rice and crawfish farms (apparently they come from the same place). We came in significantly faster than my previous "centuries", though this route was much flatter, and there were virtually no traffic lights to slow us down. My legs are feeling great, and ready for the next three days, which will all be a little shorter than what we've already done. I am starting to get a bit sore in the saddle area, however.

The roads we ride on here are not ones that I would take on by myself. Traffic is quite fast, and there are no shoulders. To make things safe, we get a police escort out of town in the morning, and even had another one back in today (just walking on the sidewalk is scary on our street here). On the back country roads, we keep in medium sized groups to share the work (it's much easier to be riding/drafting behind somebody else), to make us more visible to cars, and give extra sets of eyes and ears on the lookout. So far there haven't been any problems.
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