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permalinkBiking to work!
October 31, 2013

Yesterday I completed my second successful bike commute day. It took me a little while to realize how effective it could be, and now that I've tried it, it's been great. From my house, it's just a half mile ride down the hill to the beach, where I immediately pick up the dedicated strand bike path (no walkers!), which I take all the way to Marina Del Rey. From there, I continue on the Ballona Creek Trail to it's end in eastern Culver City. It drops me off at a park that's two residential blocks from my office. In total it's a little over 15 miles of almost all dedicated bike paths. It took me 1:09 to work, then 1:24 home for my first ride last week. I pumped up the tires, installed toe clips, a cell phone holder (so I can still listen to NPR), and an emergency pump for this weeks ride, where I dropped my times to 1:06 & 1:07. It's a 35-45 minute drive each way, so it's not even costing me that much time to avoid traffic and see the ocean. A big win!

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